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  Frank Tenney Johnson. “Frank Ellis of the SMS,”, 1929.
Johnson, Nocturne

Johnson, Nocturne Signature
A Beautiful Cowboy Nocturne by Frank Tenney Johnson

“On a quiet moonlit summer night, such as is depicted in this painting, the task of the night-herder was as a rule, not at all unpleasant. The long hours were whiled away by riding slowly around the sleeping herd, and perhaps singing some plaintive cowboy song which had the tendency to quiet the cattle and lull them to sleep. In stormy weather, however, his lot was not always an enviable one. A flash of lightning, the howl of a coyote, or a tumble-weed rolling over the prairie might bring the cattle to their feet in an instant and away in a wild stampede. Here was dangerous work which required all the bravery, skill and endurance that the cowboy possessed.”
— Frank Tenney Johnson, notes on his painting Standing Night Watch, 1935

Frank Tenney Johnson. “Frank Ellis of the SMS,” 1929. Oil on canvas. 24 x 18". Frame size: 31 x 25 1/4". Signed and dated l. l.: F. Tenney Johnson — A.N.A. / 1929. Period gold-leaf frame, possibly original. Cracklure stabilized at u. c. Excellent condition.

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