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William R. Talbot Fine Art strives to provide the collector with antique maps, original prints, and rare books of the finest condition. Since 1986, our gallery has focused on the elastic theme of “the West” — with particular emphasis on nineteenth-century Americana. Dedication and a profound love of our material foster our peerless service and ensure the bona fide excellence of our product.

About William R. Talbot

William R. Talbot has owned and operated his Santa Fe gallery since 1986. His formal education includes a degree in cartography from the Swiss School for Photogrammetric Operators, and he worked as a cartographer for several years before entering the art world in 1979 through a rising passion for collectible maps.

Before settling in Santa Fe, Bill helped develop historical map and print departments for galleries in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Texas. In 1990, on behalf of a client, Bill purchased a complete folio edition of John James Audubon’s The Birds of America. He continues to build private, museum, and library collections.

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About Beverly Weiss

Beverly Weiss, our researcher and cataloguer, holds degrees in art history, studio art, and design. Her work has included research and design projects for museums, galleries, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and private residences. Under a grant from the California Department of Conservation in 2006, Beverly assisted in establishing a national awards program for contemporary art and building products using recycled glass. She also designed the accompanying exhibition, which was installed at the California EPA Building in Sacramento. As part of her work for the museum at Turtle Bay Exploration Park in Redding, CA, she co-curated and designed a large-scale history exhibition in 2005. Beverly’s design work has appeared in Sculpture magazine. Her contributions in historical research are part of the upcoming book The Art of Mount Shasta. In addition to working with William Talbot, Beverly continues to take on projects as a freelance designer.

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