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51. John Oberly / C. A. Maxwell. “Indian Territory Compiled under the direction of the Hon. John H. Oberly, Commissioner of Indian Affairs” (Baltimore: A. Hoen & Co., 1889). Published by the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs in Senate Executive Doc. 78, 51st Congress, 1st Session, 1889. Photolithograph in six exceptionally bright colors. 23 1/2 x 31 1/2" at neat line with full margins. Sheet size: 20 3/4 x 32 1/2" Issued folded. A beautiful impression in fine condition.

Price: SOLD.

Fascinating and scarce map of Indian Territory issued in 1889, clearly created just months before Congress established the Territory of Oklahoma in the western half of the present-day state, excluding the panhandle. It features a very colorful and informative presentation of the location of 31 Indian tribes on their allotted reservation lands prior to the action of the Dawes Commission, which would soon extinguish Indian land titles to make way for white settlers. Tribal locations are color-coded and indexed in the upper right corner. Legends further identify military reservations, roads, trails, and railroads. Information on pertinent treaties and executive orders is noted. Topographical and hydrological features are extensively documented. The title of the map is rendered in an attractive Victorian-style typeface. A beautifully colored and very attractive document of the last days of Indian "sovereignty" in the state of Oklahoma. A superb addition to any collection of Western Americana or of the history of Indian Territory.

Ref.: David Wallace Adams, “Ideological origins of Indian residential schools in the United States” at archives.econ.utah.edu.

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