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2007 Catalog > 25. Gray, Disturnell's Treaty Map of Southern New Mexico.

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25. Andrew B. Gray. “That Part of Disturnell’s Treaty Map in the Vicinity of the Rio Grande and Southern Boundary of New Mexico as refrered [sic] to by U.S. Surveyor in Communication to Commissioner July 25, 1851. See page 281, Senate Ex. Doc. [1]19, 32d Congress, 1st sess.” (Philadelphia: P. S. Duval & Co.’s Steam Lith. Press, 1851). Published in Sen. Ex. Doc. No. [1]19, 32nd Cong., 1st. sess., 1851). Lithographed folding map in black and white, as issued. 8 3/4 x 11" at neat line. Sheet size: 10 1/4 x 13 1/2". Faint spotting, else fine.

Price: SOLD.

U.S. Surveyor Andrew Gray’s map of the Rio Grande corridor from Taos to just south of El Paso documents his survey findings regarding the southern boundary of New Mexico and the northwestern boundary of Texas in dispute with the Mexican government prior to the Gadsden Purchase. The controversy focused on the ambiguities existing in the Treaty of Guadalupe, which stated only that New Mexico’s southern boundary should run north of a “town called Paso.” Gray insisted that the boundary with Mexico be placed on a line with El Paso, instead of 40 miles north of it, as established by the Bartlett-Conde Line. The map depicts the latter, plus the “true situation of the parallels,” as well as Gray’s recommendation for the boundary and finely drawn topography, rivers, expedition routes, military roads, towns, pueblos, and forts. An excellent map of the disputed area before the Gadsden Purchase finalized the Southwestern border.

Refs.: Goetzmann, Army Exploration in the American West, pp. 176–179; Wheat, Mapping the Transmississippi West, vol. III, no. 719, pp. 238.

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