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2007 Catalog > 38. U.S. Surveyor General, Sketch of the Public Surveys in New Mexico.

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38. U.S. Surveyor General. “Sketch of the Public Surveys in New Mexico 1860” (New York: J. Bien, 1860). Lithographed map folded into Annual Report of the Surveyor General (Sen. Ex. Doc. No. 1, 36th Cong., 2nd sess., 1860). 23 x 32 1/4" at neat line. Sheet size: 25 x 33 1/2". Half of left margin trimmed to neat line. Overall fine.

Price: SOLD.

One of the series of yearly maps of western states and territories produced for the annual reports of the General Land Office documenting the progress of the public surveys, the present map shows a horizontal New Mexico Territory that covers all of future Arizona and portions of Nevada and southern Colorado. The latter is not yet named, and Pike’s Peak is depicted here as part of Kansas Territory. The information is excellent for the inhabited parts of New Mexico and Arizona, recording known topography, forts, towns, mining areas, Indian reservations and villages, private claims, pueblo claims, townships subdivided, missions, old Indian ruins, and exploration routes. Wheat notes that “the Arizona parts of the map show that use had been made of at least some of the recent government maps, though the findings of the Ives and Macomb expeditions were not yet available in New Mexico.” The trails of topographical surveys under Beale, Sitgreaves, and Whipple are present, but are not identified. Despite the spotty information accessible in 1860, the map remains fascinating for the details it presents at this stage in the evolution of New Mexico Territory.

Ref.: Wheat, Mapping the Transmississippi West, vol. V, pp. 37–40, no. 1035.

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