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2007 Catalog > 73. Faden, Chart of the N. W. Coast of America.

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73. Louis de la Rochette after Henry Roberts / William Faden. “Chart of the N. W. Coast of America and the N. E. Coast of Asia, Explored in the Years 1778 and 1779” (London: Wm. Faden, Jan. 1, 1794 [1784]). Second edition. Double-page copperplate engraving with fine, bright, original outline hand color. 15 1/2 x 26 1/2" at neat line. Sheet size: 20 1/2 x 29" with wide margins. Mint.

Price: SOLD

This exquisitely engraved and finely colored eighteenth-century chart records the information gathered on explorations in the northern Pacific Ocean, the northeast parts of Asia, and the northwest parts of North America between 1778 and 1793. The basis for the map was Henry Roberts’ chart of 1784, produced under the supervision of James Cook. Roberts was an officer on Cook’s third voyage, and his charts provided the first accurate mapping of the northwest coast of North America, dispelling many of the fantastic theories that had plagued the region for years.

In 1794, the renowned English cartographer and map publisher William Faden commissioned the engraver Louis Stanislas D’Arcy de la Rochette, with whom he frequently partnered, to update Roberts’ chart with new data gathered over the last decade. A note on the map declares their intentions: “The Interesting Discoveries made by the British and American Ships, since the first Publication of this Chart in 1784, Together with the Hydrographical Materials, lately procured from St. Petersburg and other places, have enabled Mr. De la Rochette to lay down the Numerous Improvements which appear in the Present Edition.”

Faden was known for the remarkably high quality of his publications. The present map is no exception and is an excellent example in particularly fine condition.

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